7 Aspire Holiday Apartment

7 Aspire Holiday Apartment

luxury apartment in the heart of historic York

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Until 23 March 2020 - Yorkshire Museum

Take an epic journey back through 150 million years of Yorkshire to discover lost giants and the changing worlds they inhabited in this major new exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum.

From the depths of the deepest seas to the ancient coasts and tropical shallows; meet the dinosaurs and sea monsters that once roamed our vast and ever-changing landscapes. Experience each Jurassic world as the colossal creatures and their surroundings are brought to life using the latest research and ground-breaking technology.

Highlights include:

Inspecting the finest details of an ichthyosaur as its flesh and skin are superimposed over its preserved skeleton

Serving a sauropod dinosaur its supper as the VR headset reincarnates the oldest sauropod remains ever found in the UK

Tremble at a terrifying Megalosaur tooth as you stand amid its hunting habitat

and much more.

Rediscover our prehistoric predecessors through some of the oldest and most fascinating remains in the region as you step into ‘Yorkshire’s Jurassic World’.

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