7 Aspire Holiday Apartment

7 Aspire Holiday Apartment

luxury apartment in the heart of historic York


For the safety of our guests and our staff we have completed a full review of our procedures and have been assessed by Visit England to ensure that the way we will be operating during the current crisis meets industry standards.  We have implemented a number of changes to the way we normally operate, but feel our guests will understand and feel reassured by how the changes will minimise the risks of infection for all.

However, although we have put in place a number of measures to mitigate any risk, we feel it important to highlight the fact that the incidence of Covid-19 infection in York is extremely low by national or international standards.  The average total number of new infections in York over any 10 day period during the last month is in single figures; given York’s population of 200k+, we hope our guests can appreciate that the chances of encountering any infected individual is extremely unlikely.

Nevertheless, the measures we have adopted to further minimise risks are as follows:

  • A minimum period of 24 hours will be allowed between reservations; on no occasion will guests arrive on the same day that previous guests have left.
  • All guests will continue to be met in person by a Greeter; the Greeter will avoid physical contact and will use a face covering and apply social distancing.  Moreover, our welcome briefing will be reduced to cover only essential elements.
  • Guest keys will be disinfected and envelop sealed for each set of guests.
  • Stays longer than 8 nights will not include a mid-stay/weekly clean – rates will be adjusted to reflect this.
  • Dry foodstuffs (sugar, tea bags, coffee, etc) and milk will not be provided. Other non-essential items (eg board games, books, iron, second hair dryer) will not be available.
  • The quantity of crockery, cutlery and glassware will be reduced to that which can be loaded in the dishwasher.  Guests are asked to place all such items, whether used or not, in the dishwasher before departure.
  • Guests are requested to strip bedding before departure, and place all linen and towels in the linen bags provided.
  • The film library will continue to be available for guest use, but guests are requested not to return any handled disks to the storage shelf, but to place the disks/disk covers adjacent to the TV for cleaning.

In the event that guests suspect they are suffering from Covid-19 symptoms during their stay, they are requested to inform us as soon as possible.  If guests need to self-isolate in the property beyond the period booked, there may be an impact to subsequent bookings that will need to be managed.

The full text of the Covid-19 Risk Assessment for 7 Aspire Holiday Apartment can be found here: